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Buffet Redo

So one day early this summer I purchased a buffet and a matching china cabinet. I wanted to do them in two different finishes but loved the bones of the pieces. My dear husband went to pick them up for me after work, he rocks like that. He called and said, “are you sure you want this?” My answer was yes, just trust me. His concern was over this:

The ends looked like they had been chewed and the veneer was in terrible condition. All I could see was great lines and details and beautiful original hardware. There were times when redoing this piece that I wished he would have left it at Goodwill ;)!

My inspiration for the finish was one that I saw at a high end decorating store. The finish is made to look like it’s been there forever and is showing its wear. I hope you like it! Leave me a comment to let me know what you think!














My favorite part is even though I cleaned up the hardware I left a patina on the brass.
And just for fun here is a closeup of the items on top. They are all available at the fall markets Painted Luxury will be attending. Check out the “Where to find us” tab to find out more!




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A little something extra

Do you ever have that one thing you just love? The one thing for your home that you can’t pass up? For a lot of people it’s a lot of different things. For me it’s picture frames. I love neat, interesting picture frames. Maybe it’s because I love seeing how my children have grown, maybe it’s because I love seeing some of the happiest times in my marriage staring back at me. I think that I know why I love it most. It changes my house into a home. You can go into the most beautiful model homes, homes that have been staged by the best professionals and you know that no one lives there. Just seems kind of odd doesn’t it? If you ever come to my home I hope you will see that it’s a place where love abides. You will see it in my pictures, whether professionally taken or snapshots. None of them are magazine quality, in fact we have one from when my daughter was younger where her hands are up near her face doing peek-a-boo. That cold morning that was as close as we got to a “perfect” family picture and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

I am very proud that Painted Luxury will now be carrying beautiful tin picture frames. They come in 4 sizes and a variety of styles and colors. I hope you will come by the store and check them out, or if you love them and are unable to come by email me and I can ship one to you!

This frame is huge. A statement piece. Tiffany Blue. Picture size is 12×12 and frame size is 24×24. $100

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