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Buffet Redo

So one day early this summer I purchased a buffet and a matching china cabinet. I wanted to do them in two different finishes but loved the bones of the pieces. My dear husband went to pick them up for me after work, he rocks like that. He called and said, “are you sure you want this?” My answer was yes, just trust me. His concern was over this:

The ends looked like they had been chewed and the veneer was in terrible condition. All I could see was great lines and details and beautiful original hardware. There were times when redoing this piece that I wished he would have left it at Goodwill ;)!

My inspiration for the finish was one that I saw at a high end decorating store. The finish is made to look like it’s been there forever and is showing its wear. I hope you like it! Leave me a comment to let me know what you think!














My favorite part is even though I cleaned up the hardware I left a patina on the brass.
And just for fun here is a closeup of the items on top. They are all available at the fall markets Painted Luxury will be attending. Check out the “Where to find us” tab to find out more!




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Finally finished project!

So on June 15, I made this post on Facebook

It’s a before picture of this cute cabinet with shutter doors and wrought iron details that I picked up. I was so excited to find it, I felt like I found a treasure. Not only that but I could pick it up without dear hubby’s help. I put a picture on Facebook to give me motivation to get started. I love to paint and love coming up with the ideas for my projects but for some reason I had the hardest time putting into action what I had in my thoughts for this piece. Every piece I create is unique, one of a kind but I’d been hunting for something with shutter doors for so long I wanted this to be special.

This piece was a trial and error piece. I would paint a coat, wait a few days, paint a different coat, wait for inspiration to hit and FINALLY I was headed in the right direction. Here is the finished product. Hope you like it as much as I do! Drop me a comment and let me know what you do when you have creative block!



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Kitchen Island Makeover

What a fun project. Here is the before:

While the kitchen is nice the island doesn’t stand out.

And here is the after.

Island now painted distressed black.

Close up

This is a large kitchen and I think that the island could get lost. The island has been painted a black/charcoal color with many brown and black glazes over it. It is finished in layers of polyurethane that will hold up to the great wear and tear that are required from a kitchen. In the after photo the island is now the center of attention. Hope you enjoy and please contact me for a no obligation quote on your cabinet makeover!

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Hello world!

Ok here we go. This is my first blog entry and I’m super excited about it. I hope to show you in my blog part of the process of choosing the furniture that I do and the transformation that it goes through. I also want to show before and afters. Isn’t that always the best part of a project? I could go through looking at them all day.

I am also hoping to keep you updated on the store and other avenues that I take with the business. Come along for the ride. I believe it will prove to be a lot of fun!

A view of the store

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